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By Kelly Tivis- Business Manager CBI TEAM Northwest Arkansas

Go into business for yourself, but not by yourself. This is the franchise way, and it is the perfect avenue for a first time business owner. A franchise owner receives all the benefits that come with being one's own boss, while still providing the support, training, and marketing of a proven national or international business. Franchise resale opportunities not only provide the above benefits, but also bypass many of the costs associated with starting up and building out a brand new business. This is a win-win situation for you the buyer. 

Have you considered becoming a franchisee? Would you like to receive the benefits without having to build out a new location? If you answered yes, then a Franchise Resale might be right for you. For more information email franchise@cbiteam.com today!

Available Franchise Resale


This Central Missouri area business is perfect for an absentee owner looking to make some additional income. The business produces nearly $16,000 dollars in net annual income with very little time invested only 5-10 hours per week. A low initial cash investment of only $65,000 makes this a great opportunity for supplemental income. 

For more information on franchise opportunities, please email franchise@cbiteam.com or call 877-582-5200. There is NO COST to you for this service. 

For More Information on these and many more exciting franchise opportunities please email franchise@cbiteam.com or call 877-582-5200

"Because the business you want to buy isn't for sale!"

The CBI TEAM Target Acquisition Program (tapbiz.biz) continues to be a success. Recently a TAP from the CBI Fort Smith/River Valley office identified an electrical engineering business near Nashville that is the perfect fit for our TAP buyer. They have submitted an offer, and the deal is in progress. It's not always easy to find the right business listed for sale at the time you're ready to buy. In these cases a CBI TEAM TAP is the best tool available for finding a good business. If you're looking for a business, but haven't seen the right one listed contact the CBI TEAM today at info@cbiteam.com or call 877-582-5200 for more information on how a TAP can find the business you've been looking for

"When lenders compete, sellers and buyers win"

Bad credit? It's a problem but not insurmountable. CBI TEAM Loans4Business (loans4biz.biz) program director Kelly Tivis recently worked with two business buyers whose credit scores were a little lower than most lenders would accept. By utilizing the L4B network, Kelly was able to help place both those buyers with loans that work for them and the Sellers, too. 

To learn more about the benefits of using the Loans4Business (loans4biz.biz) program contact the CBI TEAM today at info@cbiteam.com or call 877-582-5200 for more information. 
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Ask the Expert!
Question: How long does it take to sell a business? 

Answer: Here we go again... it depends.

It depends on you, the business owner first. You have to gather the information requested by your CBI  TEAM intermediary. Once that information is gathered and the business has gone through the IDD (Internal Due Diligence) process, the seller interview and proposal, the average time to sell a business through the CBI process is about 6-12 months, far below the average across the USA.

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"Confidentially Helping People Buy Businesses to Secure Their Financial Future"

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Sold! NWA Pool and Spa

Old friends shook hands at the closing table recently when the CBI Northwest Arkansas and CBI Central Arkansas Teams combined to re-introduce Jeff Whitham and Brian Sbabo and complete the sale of NWA Pool and Spa to Mr. and Mrs. Sbabo. 

Jeff Whitham bought NWA Pool and Spa through the services of CBI TEAM and then owner Larry Lee. 

Jeff and his wife Tammy successfully grew and operated the business and decided earlier in 2018 that they were ready to move on to the next business opportunity. Jeff contacted Connor Grimes of CBI Central Arkansas and through a co-listing between the Central and Northwest Arkansas CBI offices, John Green of CBI NWA began to market the business. 

Enter Brian Sbabo who actually inquired on a different business but when that one didn't work out for him and his wife John Green introduced them to NWA Pool and Spa and Brian remarked that he knew Jeff Whitham very well from his previous employment when both worked as engineers at the same firm. 

Through the CBI structured sale process, the Whithams and the Sbabos met and the transaction closed in April 2018.

Another successful sale was accomplished for Seller and Buyer by the CBI TEAM, confidentially helping people sell and buy businesses to secure their financial futures.
If you've been thinking about selling now, or in the next 5 years, call 877-582-5200 for a no-obligation consultation from a CBI TEAM professionally trained intermediary. You may also email confidential@cbiteam.com

From Left to Right: Tim Shultz, Seller and Charlotte and Kevin Liles, Buyers.
SOLD! Dippin' Dots

Dippin' Dots ice cream franchise locations in the McCain and Park Plaza malls have transferred ownership according to Connor Grimes Owner/Broker  and Carl Grimes-Northwest Arkansas office owner. 

While working as a senior intermediary in the Northwest Arkansas office, CBI TEAM Richmond Virginia area Office Owner Casey Grimes was the listing agent on the business which has locations in Central Arkansas. The definition of a team effort, the entire company pulled together to help get this deal done. Shep Campbell, while following up on a separate business inquiry from last year, introduced the buyers Charlotte and Kevin Liles to the Dippin' Dots opportunity. The couple saw this was the right business, it was in their price range and something they could grow. The business had potential, something the Seller, Tim Shultz knew but could not capitalize on as he lived in Northwest Arkansas. After a Buyer and Seller meeting, the Liles wrote an offer on the business and after some negotiations the deal came together. 

The CBI TEAM has had great success selling good businesses to the right buyers, including franchises. For more information about selling your business email
confidential@cbiteam.com or call 877-582-5400 today for a free no-obligation consultation. 

Tulsa County Power Lawn Equipment

Revenue: $3,145,082
FF&E: $117,998
Seller's Discretionary Earnings: $163,000*
*Average of last 4 years

Annual revenues average $3,300,000 with high cash flow. Business established for 15 years with a great reputation, and a prominent name-brand product line.

Revenue: $919,664
Seller's Discretionary Earnings: $116,102*
*This number represents a 3 year average.

Since 1988, this well-known business has been the key location to turn to when vehicles needed repair work completed. Agreements are in place with several insurance companies as well as an established base of clients and referrals. The founder and owner is nearing retirement and ready to sell. 


Revenue: $838,848
Seller's Discretionary Earnings: $153,986
FF&E: $71,000

The Central Arkansas six figure cash flowing service business is not only profitable, but trending upwards and located in a market primed for even more growth. This business has seen increased revenues in each of the last three years, growing a whopping 41.8% from 2016 to 2017.

For more info on any of the new or updated listings above please contact us at (877) 582-5200 or buyer@cbiteam.com.

To view a list of all businesses for sale browse our website at 

Privately Owned Businesses are Nimble for Profits

This sign appeared alongside Highway 270 heading towards Hot Springs in the small Montgomery County town of Glenwood.

A banner stretched out on an old sign that demonstrates that Jim knows he can make a buck renting out tuxedos in a small Arkansas hamlet if he does it at the right time and to meet the needs of his customers.

He didn't have to seek approval from a board of directors  to import tuxedos. He found a source (probably one he's had for years), threw up the sign and started renting tuxes so his customers didn't have to drive to Hot Springs.

That's small business...resourceful and nimble in finding ways to take care of the customer and make profits. Shop your local, privately owned businesses. It's good for your community. 

Company Profile

The CBI TEAM is the largest business brokerage network in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Virginia. Since 1994 CBI has helped people sell and acquire businesses in  one of the fastest growing regions. With offices in Northwest Arkansas, Fort Smith Arkansas, Central Arkansas, Tulsa, Oklahoma and Richmond, Virginia make the CBI TEAM one of the largest business brokerage firms in the USA. 

CBI manages the entire business sales process, from helping Business Owners arrive at a reasonable, market-driven price for the business, to helping Business Buyers to arrange financing so that the Seller gets the most cash at closing.

CBI is the one-stop intermediary for all business sellers and buyers.

Carl Grimes, Chairman
Serving the Northwest Arkansas area
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