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Q: How is Accounts Receivable handled in a business sale?

A: When contemplating the sale of your business, one of the assets is almost always accounts receivable on the books. 

Seller, that's your money, already earned and paid for. 

How do you recoup that money?

Well, #1 collect as much as you can and keep your A/R as small and current as possible. That's just good business practice and it will make your business more attractive to a savvy buyer. They want to buy good customer relationships from you and that's a sign of good business. 

Whatever A/R
 on the books is negotiable and the Seller either keeps it and collects it after closing or the Buyer acquires it and collects it after closing. 

It may be better to offer to sell the A/R to the Buyer. 

Many times the Buyer wants A/R
 to help with cash flow. The Buyer's lender may require the A/R to transfer to protect the lender's lien. The Buyer probably wants to do his own collections to protect the customer relationship. The Buyer may be slow to pay but necessary to the ongoing success of the business. 

One of the issues to be worked out in negotiation is the value of the A/R. Current is worth more than 90 days. There is generally a formula worked out between Seller and Buyer with the help of an experienced Intermediary. The CBI TEAM can help with this negotiation to create a Win-Win scenario and a successful closing and transfer. 

"When lenders compete, sellers and buyers win"

The Loans 4 Business (cbiteam.com/l4b) program makes sure you never hear a "No" when looking for a loan. It can be discouraging to apply for a bank loan in order to purchase a business only to have the application denied. One of goals at the CBI TEAM is to ensure that our buyers never hear "no" from a lender. The Loans 4 Business program will shop your deal to over 80 lenders who are all eager to do deals. This helps to ensure that we can provide you the lender with several different loan options without ever having to hear a no. If you are purchasing a business through the CBI TEAM or you're simply looking for a small business loan to expand or recapitalize, contact the CBI TEAM today at info@cbiteam.com or call 877-582-5200 for more information. 

"Because the business you want to buy isn't for sale!"

TAP, or Target Acquisition Program is the perfect program to find the right business for you. Too often potential business owners go no further than looking at business listings, simply because the right business for them does not seem to be available. That is where the TAP program comes in. You provide the type of business you are looking for, as well as the general geographic area, and the CBI TEAM does the rest. We'll send out letters, and call business owners, letting them know that a serious buyer is interested in purchasing their business. Sometimes the notion of a serious qualified buyer is all it takes to turn the perfect business that isn't for sale into your new business.  Contact the CBI TEAM today at info@cbiteam.com or call 877-582-5200 for more information on how a TAP can find the business you've been looking for
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Chiropractic Practice In Northwest Arkansas

Revenue: $252,721
Seller's Discretionary Earnings: $110,120
FF&E: $50,510

  • Solid history, experienced team in place
  • State-of-the-art equipment and software
  • Well-established with room for expansion

Revenue: $853,716
Seller's Discretionary Earnings: $320,940

This prominent, established, cash-flowing and very high-profile dental practice has been in operation since the late 90's. Twelve-month trailing collections are right around $1,000,000 and discretionary cash flow for last year was over $330,000. Collections through June of this year are already up 20% over through June of last year so the practice is still growing. 


This business has been in existence for 16 years and has developed into one of the state's most recognized and unique brand names. The owner seeks a capital investor to help this business explode into the next level. This brand has built itself up from a one store location - to multiple locations in multiple cities. 

Revenue: $877,837
Seller's Discretionary Earnings: $57,213
FF&E: $46,000

  • Priced at less than one year SDE (Seller's Discretionary Earnings) plus inventory, and assets at cost.
  • Seasoned and motivated support staff with established relationships, they just need leadership.
  • Access to all makes and manufacturers
  • Perfect jumpstart for supplier wanting to enter the desirable Northwest Arkansas market, or existing local supplier seeking to expand territory.


Revenue: $106,154
Seller's Discretionary Earnings: $8,310
FF&E: $539,000
  • Excellent access to Western and Northwestern Arkansas
  • Company has loyal local, national, and international clients
  • Owner and founder is ready to retire after over thirty years in business

Revenue: $8,000,000+
Seller's Discretionary Earnings: $978,000+
FF&E: $300,000

New, used, fleet lease and sales of golf cars and industrial vehicles to major resorts and country clubs in region. Sales and Service. Serving commercial, individual and industrial customers for over 20 years. 

Chase the Vision
Mark Kincannon Owner/Managing Partner CBI TEAM Fort Smith River Valley Area

"Chase the vision, not the money; the money will end up following you." -- Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO

People dream of owning their own business for a number of different reasons: they want to control their own destiny they are tired of working for someone else, they feel like they are hitting their head on the proverbial glass ceiling, or they feel boxed in because of a boss that won't take risks. Some have a desire to lead people and build great cultures. Others want to have more control of their time. 

But the number one reason we hear from clients wanting to own their own business is: 

"I want to make a lot of money"

While there is nothing wrong with making a lot of money in and of itself, when money is the number one goal, it is usually difficult to achieve. The best businesses are those that are built with a vision greater than just making money. And the most satisfying businesses not only provide financially, but also impact their communities in a positive way. 

Over twenty years ago, a man retired from a successful career. He was too young to retire completely, and his wife encouraged him to find a hobby. He decided to start a little business that would meet a need in his community. He recognized a need, had a vision for meeting that need, developed a solution, and launched a business. 

Twenty years later, that man was ready to fully retire, and his little business had become the largest business in the industry in Arkansas. He never dreamed he'd make as much money as he did over the years with this business, but he considered himself fortunate to not only have built a successful business, but to also have made a difference in the community. The CBI TEAM Fort Smith River Valley was fortunate enough to assist this man in selling his business

In this case, as Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh stated, the money did follow. 

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Company Profile

The CBI TEAM is the largest business brokerage network in Arkansas. Since 1994 we have helped people sell and acquire businesses in  one of the fastest growing regions. With offices in Northwest Arkansas, Fort Smith Arkansas, Central Arkansas, and Oklahoma,  the CBI TEAM is the only business brokerage firm with offices in each of those areas. 

CBI manages the entire business sales process, from helping the seller arrive at a reasonable, market-driven price for the business, to helping the buyer to arrange financing so that the seller gets the most compensation at closing.

CBI is the one-stop intermediary for all business sellers and buyers.

Carl Grimes, Owner
Serving the Northwest Arkansas area
Contact us at (479) 770-8989 or

Connor Grimes, Managing Partner
Serving the Central Arkansas area
Contact us at (501) 404-4980 or 

Mark Kincannon, Managing Partner
Serving the Fort Smith/River Valley, Arkansas area
Contact us at (479) 784-9522 or 

Roy Still, Managing Partner
Serving the Tulsa, Oklahoma area
Contact us at (918) 940-6437 or roy.still@cbiteam.com