Franchising Is the Perfect Fit For Many

By Kelly Tivis- CBI TEAM Business Manager/Franchise Specialist 

After Frank completed seven years of military service, he tried a number of things to scratch his entrepreneurial itch - including carpentry work and a chimney sweep company. He eventually found success with the franchise formula, becoming a franchisee in the fast casual restaurant industry.

In his new venture, he's finding the one thing that makes franchising different than any other industry he's been a part of: support. He appreciates that he doesn't have to experiment to find solutions to common challenges and that he is not going out on his own - he has back up in the franchising system.

Franchising is the perfect fit for many who aspire to be business owners.

Benefits of franchise ownership include the following:
  • proven system
  • valuable guidance
  • training
  • consistency
  • group purchasing
  • brand name
Right now, a variety of franchises are available in many different territories - many require less than $50,000 in cash to get started. 

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(Kim Hibbard, seller of The Lowe House, is pictured signing the closing documents finalizing the sale.)

The Lowe House, a B&B located in Mountain View, Arkansas appeared to have no hope of selling...but then the daughter of the deceased owner contacted the CBI TEAM and the deal closed on Monday, August 28th, according to CBI Central Arkansas Managing Partner Connor Grimes.

Shep Campbell of the CBI Central Arkansas office was lead business intermediary on the sale. The seller was Kim Hibbard, daughter of the late owner, and the buyer is Kenny Green. Mr. Green lives and has other business interests in Mountain View. 

The Lowe House has not been open for business since the January 2016 death of the owner. The sale was delayed while probate was completed. Incomplete financial records made it difficult to sell the B&B according to Mr. Campbell. 

Shep Campbell networked with local business people in Mountain View to locate the buyer and finalize the transaction. 

See September edition for information on the sale of one of Central Arkansas' best known eateries Graffitti's.

Nobody Will Buy My Business!

By Roy Still-Managing Partner CBI Team of Tulsa Metro

I recently visited with a business owner that has owned a small manufacturing plant for over 45 years. I asked him if he had ever considered selling so that he could retire?  

His reply was that no one would want to buy his business as a matter of fact, he said he couldn't even give it to his own adult children. He then started giving me a list of reasons why people today don't want to own businesses, work hard, or create anything tangible; "they make money by pressing buttons on their mobile phones". 

The reality is that entrepreneurship is alive and well. 

Forbes Magazine states that as of 2014 there were about 27 million businesses in the U.S. Of those, only 300,000 earn more than $5 million in annual revenue. That leaves over 26 million "small" and "Main Street" businesses as the majority. These Small and Main Street businesses are owned, bought and sold everyday by entrepreneurs. 

The Kauffman Index shows that for the first time since the recovery got underway, Main Street business activity is at higher levels in 2016 than those recorded since before the Great Recession and also that established Small Business density has been steady and on the rise. 

A look at the Kauffman Index shows the percentage of population owning a business as their primary job as of 2015 for Oklahoma and some of our surrounding states. 

Oklahoma = 6.72%
Kansas = 6.69%
Missouri = 6.24%
Texas = 5.91% 
Arkansas = 4.91%

It is easy to see that the majority of business is in small companies with Main Street companies bridging the gap to large corporations. There are individual buyers, corporate buyers and equity groups actively seeking acquisitions every day. We know. We get up to twenty emails per day from folks seeking to buy businesses. 

Don't wait and labor through your retirement years. Have an exit plan. Start by reading the five part series in our CBI TEAM Seller Newsletter..."Exiting My Business-What are My Choices?"

Prestigious Central Arkansas Bakery

Revenue: $206,874
Seller's Discretionary Earnings: $55,986
FF&E: $18,170

This business is a boutique bakery focusing on gourmet specialty cupcakes in 8-0 different flavors daily. The business has been in operation since 2008 under the same ownership and in the same location in one of Central Arkansas' most prestigious and premiere locations to both live and work

Revenue: $2,253,048
Seller's Discretionary Earnings: $209,872

This business has been in operation in the same city under the same ownership and in the same location since 1991! the business and real estate are to be purchased together. This is the only show in town. The only competition is a Wal-Mart pharmacy, which no longer is a real threat to the customer base of this business. 


Revenue:  $331,827
Seller's Discretionary Earnings: $129,189
FF&E $153,100

This digital and established Southwest Missouri dental practice does over $330,000 in collections each year in only one day a week, and it is seeing more growth this year. The selling dentist made close to $130,000 out of it for himself last year working just one day a week. 

Revenue: $228,727
Seller's Discretionary Earnings: $65,854
FF&E: $23,500

Vibrant Northwest Arkansas full service salon and spa, with solid history, and experienced team in place for either absentee owner or owner/operator.

Revenue: $922,086
Seller's Discretionary Earnings: $445,555
FF&E: $149,598

This large and growing dental practice opened in the early 2000's and is located in a very fast growing and desirable part of booming Northwest Arkansas. It did over $920,000 in collections last year and made over $440,000 cash flow. 

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