Business Confidential is compiled from information picked up by Carl Grimes and other CBI Team members on the streets, in the offices and around Northwest and Central Arkansas, and Northeast Oklahoma. The names aren't being revealed to protect the innocent (and sometimes the guilty!).

Dateline: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Forbes Magazine ranks Tulsa #1 for young entrepreneurs. Beating other major cities such as Houston, Tampa, and Seattle Tulsa was given a big vote of confidence by Forbes who ranked cities based on such metrics as, business loan cost and availability, cost of living and education. This will no doubt help to swell the area buyer pool, as more young motivated business people seek to go into business for themselves or perhaps just grow their existing businesses. So many new buyers in the area may mean this is the perfect time to sell, is your business ready? 

Dateline: Fort Smith/River Valley Area Arkansas 

Recently The CBI Fort Smith/River Valley Area team conducted two interviewers with perspective buyers for our  Target Acquisition Program (TAP). TAP is designed to connect motivated buyers with business owners who would like to sell but aren't quite ready to put their business on the open market. Over the next several weeks the CBI+Team will be mailing out inquiries to businesses in our buyers' selected industries, so watch your mailboxes!

Dateline: Central Arkansas 

TAP (cbiteam.com/TAP) buyers are lining up. Strategic buyers have seen the value in the Target Acquisition Program through the CBI+Team. In just the past three weeks, we have presented a number of companies with TAP Proposals. Pest control, insurance, manufacturing, etc. Buyers are ready to make acquisitions and are being proactive in their approach. If you'd like to learn more about TAP, and how it can help expand your business, call 877-582-5200 or email info@cbiteam.com

Dateline: Northwest Arkansas

The business owner told our TI (Team Intermediary), "I want to sell my business in the next 2 years or so. How do I start my exit planning?"

Good question.

The answer is pretty basic.

Before you can plan to go somewhere you have to know where you are...your starting point.

So, the first thing to do is meet with one of our team members and get a free consultation on figuring out where you are so you can see what needs to be done to get where you want to go. 

Confidential and no charge...you, the business owner, can't lose. 

The Chinese have a saying that the longest journey starts with but a single step. 

However, if you start the journey in the wrong direction it can take a whole lot longer. 

Call us at 877-582-5200 today. 

Oh, and remember, it takes 6 to 18 months to sell a business so if you want to sell in 24 months you'd better get started NOW!! 

Want to reach hundreds of business owners and buyers?

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About These Buyers:
Our network of buyers consistently target acquisitions in a broad range of industries and sizes. This month we're highlighting a Capital firm with a particular interest in business services and value added distribution. 

This company's main target is businesses making between 5 and 25 million in topline revenue, with a 15% EBITDA margin. Though the capital firm prefers businesses in business service, and distribution, it will consider any industry with the exception of heavy manufacturing, brick and mortar retail, and construction. If your business is ready to sell and meets these requirements, give us a call today at 877-582-5200 or email confidential@cbiteam.com 

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(From Left to Right: Johnny and Gloria Wagner, Sellers, and Mike Brooks, Buyer.)

By The CBI+Team of Fort Smith/River Valley Area

After being one of the most highly inquired about businesses that Mark Kincannon has ever listed, Sentencing Options Specialists was sold to Mike Brooks.

Selling a business, often times is an emotionally tasking experience for the small business owner, even under perfect circumstances. Much akin to raising a baby, the small business owner, invests a great deal into nurturing a successful business. Sleepless nights, abysmal lows, mind numbing uncertainties, heart breaks...are all but a fraction of the battles a business owner, like a parent, must summon the will to fight, and win, time and time again. The business becomes almost an extension of the owner. 

So when Johnny and Gloria Wagner engaged Mark to sell their business after 19 years of building it, Mark and his team had to temper robust business decision making with a great measure of empathy in order to represent the Wagner's well. Johnny and Gloria were ready to retire. It was supremely important to find a buyer who'd not only pay a fair price for the business, but will also continue the Wagner's hard fought legacy. 

A customized confidential marketing program was developed and executed by Mark and the CBI Team. Through this process Mike Brooks was introduced to the business. He was then introduced to the Business Owners Retirement Savings Account program (BORSA) to help finance the purchase of the business (BORSA and Loans For Biz are part of the CBI Team's system to help buyers finance business purchases.)

The Wagner's walked away from their now grown, successful "baby" satisfied that the capable hands of Brooks will continue and build on their legacy. Mike Brooks begins his journey knowing he has been handed a "well-trained child'; a business that has weathered the test of time. Both families won, and CBI Fort Smith is thrilled to be at the center of it all! 

Johnny Wagner is happy to a reference and a part of this story.

TEST-Multiple Choice: Exiting My Business-What are my choices?

(This is the first of a five part series written by CBI Chairman Carl E. Grimes on the ways a business owner can exit their business).
Do you want to exit by being carried out on a stretcher? 

If so, ignore the rest of this series of articles. 

However, If you would like to walk out of your business with some money in your pocket, then it's time to start planning for the exit. 

After 25 years of working with business owners who are thinking about exiting their business, we here at CBI have found that roughly 80% have no plan and that's scary, not just for the business owner but for the owner's family, employees, customers, vendors, lenders....the list goes on. 

Business survival...it's too important but seldom considered business it's daunting.

Let's take some of the mystery out of it. 

Here's 5 ways you can exit your business: 

Feet first...being carried out dead or so exhausted you can't function.

Shut down and liquidate. 

Sell to family members or employees.

Merge with a competitor.

Sell to a 3rd party. 

We'll explore each of these in this series. 

#1. Feet first is NOT a good option although we have several times in the last few years. Business owners we have known have actually died in their businesses. 

We have had calls from distressed spouses and business partners wanting our help in trying to figure out what to do when the business owner died. 

That's because when the business owner died without a plan, the survivors can't possibly know what to do to keep the business operating without that key person, the owner. 

Even worse are those business owners who become disabled through illness, heart attack or stroke. 

They can't help much with the business and become a burden on the family left behind.


A Business Survival plan.

This is something we here at CBI have been working on for years, a kit that helps business owners organize their business information so that in the event of a death, disability or even a natural disaster that destroys the business,  there is a written record that will enable the business to keep running or get back up and running in the event of a natural disaster such as a tornado or flood. 

Click here to request information about the CBI "Business Survival Kit" 

Don't die in your business. 

Contact CBI today to begin to plan your exit strategy. 

(Next month-Shut Down and Liquidate...and why that's a bad, costly idea that can generally be avoided).

Online Marketing Activity

One of the many ways the CBI Team markets businesses is through buyer specific websites, places business buyers go to find businesses to buy. ​Below are figures that represent ​some online ​buyer activity on some (not all) of the websites used by Confidential Business Intermediaries/CBI Team to market businesses. This information displays the amount of views or "hits" that ​CBI business listing​s​ and websites ​got as well as the total number of ​emails​ to ​which ​our monthly newsletter​s are sent​.​ It costs hundreds of dollars per month to place the confidential "blind" ads on these websites. In addition to the websites, CBI prepares and implements a customized marketing plan for each business ​we list for sale.

​CBI also prepares a monthly report for each business owner we represent. The monthly report provides detailed information about each business listing.

Business ListingsLast MonthLast 12 Months
Total Number of Views10,935120,169
Avg. Views per Listing2242,228
Total Email Inquiries45646

Company WebsitesLast MonthLast 12 Months
Total Number of Visitors10,19812,659
Total Number of Views1,97030,040

Monthly NewslettersLast Month
Total Newsletters Sent12,205

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The CBI Team is the largest business brokerage network in Arkansas. Since 1994 we have helped people sell and buy businesses in one of the fastest growing regions. With offices in Northwest Arkansas, Central Arkansas, Fort Smith, Arkansas, and Oklahoma, the CBI Team is the only business brokerage firm with offices in each of the major Ozarks cities. 

The CBI Team manages the entire business sales process, from helping the seller arrive at a reasonable, market-driven price for the business, to helping the buyer to arrange financing so that the seller gets the most compensation at closing. 

The CBI Team is the one-stop intermediary for all business sellers and buyers.

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