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Getting the money to buy a business is one of the most stressful and time consuming parts of the process but at Confidential Business Intermediaries/The CBI TEAM we make the process simple. Financing a deal has never been quicker, easier and more effective utilizing the proprietary Loans4Biz program (www.cbiteam.com/l4b) at CBI TEAM. 
CBI TEAM will do the hard work shopping a deal to over 70 interested small business lenders. This program regularly results in as many as ten different offers from lenders all across the country. A buyer gets to select the best deal for them. Additionally the amount of offers to finance allows the buyer to be a uniquely strong bargaining position with the banks resulting in excellent rates and terms on the loan. 

"Because the business you want to buy isn't for sale!"

Buying a business is a big step and it’s important to find the business that’s exactly right for you. But what happens when your perfect business isn’t for sale? The CBI+Team has a program designed for just this situation. The Target Acquisition Program (TAP) is a program developed in-house by the CBI+Team to find the right business for a prospective buyer, even if it isn’t for sale, yet. 
Often the only thing preventing an owner from selling their business is knowing there is an interested buyer. The TAP program removes this roadblock by aggressively marketing to a select group of businesses in the areas in which you’re most interested.
How does the CBI+Team select this group of business owners? 
We search not only our existing database of more than 40,000 businesses we also access third party resources to build a perfect list. Of course no list can be perfect unless you, the buyer, think it’s perfect, which is exactly why you, the buyer has final approval over the business list. We won’t contact any business that doesn’t interest you and we can businesses you may have already had your eyes on.
If you haven’t found the business of your dreams on your own, then the TAP program is perfect for you. Contact your local CBI+Team office today at confidential@cbiteam.com to set up a free consultation.

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(From Left to Right: Johnny and Gloria Wagner, Sellers, and Mike Brooks, Buyer.)

Sold- Sentencing Option Specialists

After being one of the most highly inquired upon businesses that Mark Kincannon Owner/Managing Partner of the Fort Smith/River Valley office has ever listed, Sentencing option Specialists was sold to Mike Brooks. 

Johnny and Gloria Wagner engaged Mark Kincannon to sell their business because they were ready to retire. A customized confidential marketing program was developed and executed. Through this process Mike Brooks was introduced to the business and an agreement was made. 

Mike was introduced to the Business Owners Retirement Savings Account (BORSA)
 program by Mark. Mike decided to use BORSA to pay for the purchase of the business. 

The Wagner's were thrilled with the service they received from the CBI
 Team. Mr. Wagner said he wouldn't change a thing about the process, and noted Mark did a great job in finding the right buyer in a reasonable time frame. Mr. Wagner then asked if he could be a reference for any future potential clients. 

(From Left to right: Stacy Swilling-Seller and Casey Grimes-Listing Intermediary)

  Swilling Family Dental 

The CBI+Team of Northwest Arkansas is proud to announce the sale of Swilling Family Dental  to Chad Matone of The Dental Clinic At Sheridan. 

Swilling Family Dental has been in operation since 2001 and will continue to provide dental services to patients in  the Sheridan area under the ownership of Dr. Matone and his team of dentists. 

Senior Intermediary Casey Grimes listed Dr. Swilling's practice for sale in January, and after looking through CBI+Team's comprehensive buyer database was able to identify  Dr. Matone as the perfect buyer for the practice. A six month turn around time is exceptional for the sale of any business and was only possible thanks to the CBI+Team buyer network. 

Dr. Swilling's practice is the third Dental Clinic in the town of Sheridan that Casey Grimes and the CBI+Team have helped to sell. Casey specializes in dental clinics, and is ready and willing to assist any dentist in the sale of their business, whether from a small town or the big city. To learn more contact the CBI Team today. 

Franchise Restaurant Package

Revenue: $1,602,275
Seller's Discretionary Earnings: $149,175

This franchise is one of the most recognizable names in the Franchise Food Industry. It is a proven brand with a proven menu, and a proven track record with a GLOBAL FOOTPRINT. This package deal includes 4 locations all in Central Arkansas-with an opportunity to open a fifth store. 

Revenue: $571,362
Seller's Discretionary Earnings: $110,628

Established office supply and printing company in historic small town, located an easy drive from three metropolitan areas. The company has been in business for seventy-five years, with thirty-five years under the current ownership. 


Revenue:  $655,025
Seller's Discretionary Earnings: $82,082
FF&E $95,586

Established restaurant serving Mexican cuisine with consistent revenue and Cash Flow, which has successfully operated for many years. 

Revenue: $917,333
Seller's Discretionary Earnings: $111,109
FF&E: $108,795

This business is a manufacturer of heavy duty trusses used in various construction projects. The business also specializes in custom manufacturing of various items, mainly along the lines of farm and construction type manufacturing.

For more info on any of the new or updated listings above please contact us at (877) 582-5200 or buyer@cbiteam.com.

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The CBI+Team is the largest business brokerage network in Arkansas. Since 1994 we have helped people sell and acquire businesses in  one of the fastest growing regions. With offices in Northwest Arkansas, Fort Smith Arkansas, Central Arkansas, and Oklahoma,  the CBI+Team is the only business brokerage firm with offices in each of the major Ozarks cities. 

The CBI+Team manages the entire business sales process, from helping the seller arrive at a reasonable, market-driven price for the business, to helping the buyer to arrange financing so that the seller gets the most compensation at closing.

The CBI+Team is the one-stop intermediary for all business sellers and buyers.

Carl Grimes, Owner
Serving the Northwest Arkansas area
Contact us at (479) 770-8989 or

Connor Grimes, Managing Partner
Serving the Central Arkansas area
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Mark Kincannon, Managing Partner
Serving the Fort Smith/River Valley, Arkansas area
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Roy Still, Managing Partner
Serving the Tulsa, Oklahoma area
Contact us at (918) 940-6437 or roy.still@cbiteam.com