Business Confidential is compiled from information picked up by Carl Grimes and other CBI Team members on the streets, in the offices and around Northwest and Central Arkansas, and Northeast Oklahoma. The names aren't being revealed to protect the innocent (and sometimes the guilty!).

​Bureaucracy ....grr!

As a business owner we spend hours and money opening our businesses and trying to make a profit and the bureaucrats show up.

In a city that will go nameless, that happened recently.​ First thing, to get a business license the company wanting to do business in a certain city (and employ people, pay taxes, support the schools...etc;) has to have a business license. Not that expensive, only about $40 per year. But, that means four (4) different people from the city have to show up and walk all around the premises and look in every office and inspect and approve.
Before the inspectors show up, the business owner is told that to get a business license that the business must have a sales tax number. They KNOW it has to have a sales tax number because it says so on the city's form. However, the business does not provide any items or services that are subject to the sales tax. Therefore the business has no sales tax number.

The state of Arkansas affirms that and tells business owner to contact the city and tell them there is no sales number needed or required. Business Owner (BO for short) calls city and BO is told it must fill out another form. BO balks and tells city what state said and city Bureaucrat says, "OK. Just put N/A (not applicable) in space on form."

Hurrah, says BO.
But now the four (4) city inspectors show up and do their job. Now the fun begins. The business is not, repeat, NOT required to have an exit sign over the door.



The previous building owner had an exit sign over the door. 

No problem, right!


Because the non-required sign is over the door it must be in working order and it is not in working order. Said sign has a part that will cost about $50 to replace to make it work. Since it doesn't have to be there in the first place the BO tells the 4 (four) inspectors that it isn't a sign, it's a piece of art with side lights and red and white colors.

Nope, they say, looks like an exit sign and even though you don't have to have one....(it gets a little tricky here) IF you have one it has to work so that people can see it through the smoke. You can't make stuff like this up.
So, BO and staff come up with brilliant idea. Masking tape or spray paint will turn the sign into the "IT" sign, a piece of art.
We'll see how this works out at next inspection.
Stay tuned!

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​TAP...that's the program that helped our buyer find and close on Lee Pharmacy in short period of time.

The corporate buyer from Jonesboro, Arkansas contacted us and wanted to buy only certain types of businesses in certain parts of Arkansas.

We met with the buyer and presented them with our TAP (www.tapbiz.biz) program which helps buyers find just the right business in the shortest amount of time. The slogan for TAP is, "Because the business you want to buy isn't for sale."

That was the case for Lee Pharmacy, the business wasn't on the market and not for sale. However, when contacted by letter with an explanation about the buyer, Warren Lee called and expressed interest in selling. The deal was put together an closing took place on terms satisfactory for both Mr. Lee and the Buyer. Mr. Lee is now an employee of the buyer.

For more information about how TAP might work for you, contact us at confidential@cbiteam.com or call 877-582-5200 for a free, confidential consultation because the business you want to buy isn't for sale.

Young's Pharmacy has new owners according to Larry Young, owner and founder.

The well known Poteau, Oklahoma pharmacy was purchased earlier this month by Mr. and Mrs. Andy Shah of Mesquite, Texas.

Carl Grimes and Dan Evans of Confidential Business Intermediaries Northwest Arkansas and Fort Smith/River Valley offices brought the Youngs and Shahs together to accomplish the transaction.

Grimes, who is Chairman of the Board of CBI, said, "Dan Evans worked diligently to build a relationship with Mr. Young who was a tremendous asset in bring the deal to a successful conclusion."
During the marketing of the pharmacy, many new buyers were added to the CBI+TEAM database.

If you own a pharmacy and are thinking about selling or if you know someone who owns a pharmacy and wants to sell, call CBI at 877-582-5200 or email confidential@cbiteam.com and if we're successful in selling the business you refer, we will pay a referral fee. Click the following link for the referral form.

Teacher's Pet Preschool has new ownership according to Connor Grimes, Managing Partner of Confidential Business Intermediaries/The CBI TEAM of Central Arkansas (www.cbiteam.com). Business owners Suzanna and Jim Pate, Jennie and John Harrison and Jan Stafford sold the business to Angela and Mark Todd of Little Rock. Shep Campbell, Senior Intermediary with the CBI Central Arkansas office was listing and selling intermediary for the transaction according to Grimes. 

Teacher's Pet was established in 1985 as a preschool designed to meet the needs of the children of teachers in North Little Rock and Central Arkansas. 

New owners Mark and Angela plan to maintain the standards and staff of Teacher's Pet and continue the excellent service and care established by the founders. 

CBI Central Arkansas is part of Confidential Business Intermediaries, the largest business brokerage company serving both Main Street and Middle Market Mergers and Acquisitions from three Arkansas offices, Little Rock, Springdale, and Fort Smith. 

Teacher's Pet is the second preschool sold by Mr. Campbell in the last few months and he has compiled a large database of buyers through the process. He is also familiar with licensing and can assist in finding loans for new buyers through the unique and proprietary Loans 4 Biz (www.loans4biz.biz) program offered by CBI. 

For more information contact CBI at confidential@cbiteam.com or call 877-582-5200

Parsons' Blind Company has new owners, according to Lisa and Donnie Parsons. 

In just ten years Parsons' Blind Company went from a small business started in the Parsons garage, to a multi-million dollar business serving the window fixture needs of the Northwest Arkansas Area. It has been purchased by Les and Barbara Davis of Tulsa, OK. 

Carl Grimes, and Corby Wright of Confidential Business Intermediaries of Northwest Arkansas brought the Parsons' and Davis' together to complete this deal. 

Grimes and Wright worked hard to sell this listing in just 5 months. Such a quick turn around was only possible due to Confidential Business Intermediaries vast buyer database, which is searched for a suitable buyer with every new listing. 

If you're interested in selling your business, or know someone interested in selling their business, the CBI+Team has literally thousands of buyers who may be interested. Please call the CBI+Team today at 877-582-5200 or contact via email at confidential@cbiteam.com to set up a 100% consultation today. 

Nominations now open for the 2017 Small Business Awards!

If you or someone you know has a great small business success story visit www.sba.gov/nsbw today, to find more information about the nomination process and the award catagories. Also included are all the forms necessary to nominate your favorite small business owners.  


Three Ways To Manage Trade Credit Risk
by Tate Parker  Agent- Coface USA

Trade credit is the most widely used form of business credit in the U.S.  Companies rely on credit from their suppliers more than from banks or any other source. While many larger companies have in-house credit departments and formal credit policies, most businesses operate more informally when it comes to extending credit to their customers and managing the risk of non-payment. Here are three tips for managing trade credit risk better.


Realize That There is Risk

Although it may seem obvious that there is risk in extending credit to customers (just ask bankers!), many companies make the mistake of assuming that they are safe without much due diligence. The most common explanation I hear is that a particular customer is “strong” because they “pay like clockwork”. While this may be true, the recent recession has shown that even “strong” companies default on payment to suppliers. Don’t make the mistake of assuming anything when offering credit.


Take Steps to Manage Risk

To mange receivables risk, utilize good sources of information, not just friends in the industry. Get financials from your customers; don’t rely on bank and trade references alone. Consider this for all credit limits above a certain dollar amount. Perform a financial analysis of the customer. If you don’t know how, ask your banker or CPA. Finally, actively manage collection by holding customers to your due date as much as possible.


Protect Against Default

What would happen if one of your largest customers didn’t pay? Chances are that the impact would be very bad. Protect your company by self-insuring using a cash bad debt reserve if possible or consider trade credit insurance (accounts receivable insurance).

A bad debt reserve is simply cash saved up to allow for a cushion in case of a default. The challenge is finding extra cash. A bank line-of-credit is another possibility of course.

Another very cost effective option is to insure your receivables to protect against larger exposures and to make more informed credit decisions. Credit insurance companies evaluate the financial condition of your customers. For those that can be insured, your company is protected in case of default due to insolvency or slow pay. Companies that use credit insurance are able to:

·         Grow by extending more credit without risk
·         Get better, more advantageous bank financing
·         Avoid problems before they happen
·         Enter new markets or take on new customers confidently

Credit insurance policies are very affordable for most businesses. Rates vary according to the industry, terms of sale, volume of sales or coverage and other considerations. Typically, the cost is a fraction of a percent of sales and can be more than offset by small gains in sales, additional borrowing availability or reductions in bad debt.


Managing your trade credit risk pays huge dividends and doesn’t take much work. If done properly, your company will have financial strength, growth and peace of mind.

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One of the many ways the CBI Team markets businesses is through buyer specific websites, places business buyers go to find businesses to buy. ​Below are figures that represent ​some online ​buyer activity on some (not all) of the websites used by Confidential Business Intermediaries/CBI Team to market businesses. This information displays the amount of views or "hits" that ​CBI business listing​s​ and websites ​got as well as the total number of ​emails​ to ​which ​our monthly newsletter​s are sent​.​ It costs hundreds of dollars per month to place the confidential "blind" ads on these websites. In addition to the websites, CBI prepares and implements a customized marketing plan for each business ​we list for sale.

​CBI also prepares a monthly report for each business owner we represent. The monthly report provides detailed information about each business listing.

Business ListingsLast MonthLast 12 Months
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Total Email Inquiries49642

Company WebsitesLast MonthLast 12 Months
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Monthly NewslettersLast Month
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