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Feedback from our Women Lead Conference says:  We hit the Jackpot!  Success!

Thank you to everyone who contributed their time and assistance as we pulled off another great event focusing on women and the will to lead more effectively in business!

Thank you to our Rapid-Fire Thought-Leaders:  Pattie Vargas, Catherine Mowbray-Lorenz, Jani Jackson and Shawn Marie Turi!  Your information was spot-on and rapid fire!

AND....thank you to our featured Leader Interviews with Alison Syner and Michelle Caruana, as you both shared such great information about your journey to be the best leader you can be!
As always, see below for our latest news and information on all things CWI, including events!  Read below to listen to a few past Women Lead Radio Show interviews and articles by our thought-leaders and contributors!  

Michelle Bergquist
CEO & Co-Founder
Connected Women of Influence

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Leadership Luncheon

Leadership Luncheon
Thu Nov 16
1130am to 1pm

Discussion Topic:
The Price of Resistance!

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Hilton San Diego Mission Valley

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Women Lead Webinar!

Women Lead Webinar Series
Mon Nov 06
12pm to 1pm

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Communication That Converts!
Your Webinar Leader:
Maria Keckler - Superb Communication

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Be Honest About Who You Are: Change Your Life and Your Business!
Listen in to our Women Lead Radio show as Shawn Marie Turi, interviews Lindsey Witmer Collins, Founder, Software Architect App Designer + Developer at Lindsey Witmer Collins.

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