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CEO & Co-Founder
Connected Women of Influence

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Women Lead Webinar!

Women Lead Webinar Series
Mon Oct 23
12pm to 1pm

Join us for our next LIVE knowledge session online!

From Profit Plans to Productivity Plans! 
Your Webinar Leader:
Deanna Potter - The Centre For Organization Effectiveness

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Women Lead Conference

S. CA Women Lead Conference
Thu Oct 26
11am to 430pm

Join today’s business leaders and thought-leaders in Southern California for one phenomenal day of shared business experiences, discussions, interviews, conversations and roundtable discussions!

One incredible day to advance women in business
BY Female Leaders and FOR Female Leaders!

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Listen to Our Most Popular Women Lead Radio Shows
and Women Lead Magazine Articles! 
Working in the Public Sector - From Pitfalls to Powerhouse Wins!

Listen to our Women Lead Radio show as Deanna Potter, your host of Sassy Sales and business Development, interviews Kat Rippy, Director Organization Development, for The Centre for Organization Effectiveness.

Millions upon millions of dollars are spent in the public sector annually. And many of those dollars are . . .
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News and Great News
The new Federal law requiring all salaried, exempt employees to be paid at least . . .
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Everyone Is In Sales (...and it's not a dirty word!)
Listen to our Women Lead Radio show as Michelle Bergquist, your host of Women Who Lead, interviews Deborah Kantor, Relationship Sales Trainer and Public Speaker at Kantor Sales Training Association.

With 4 decades of successful sales experience in real estate, staffing, retail, non-[rpfit and fund raising, Deborah has spent the last several years training and. . .
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Avoiding Cognitive Decline

There are three basic forms of cognitive decline associated with . . . 

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The Secret to Creating a Buzz (and being irresistible)!
Listen in to our Women Lead Radio show as Shawn Marie Turi, interviews Jenny Doh, President & Founder of CRESCENDOh.

A person once told Jenny,. . .
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