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It's the final countdown to the end of summer!

We have a new webinar scheduled and we also have something new and exciting coming next week for our CWI Members Only section on the CWI web site!  Stay tuned!

As always, see below for our latest news and information on all things CWI, including a few past Women Lead Radio Show interviews and articles by our Women Lead Magazine contributors! 

Michelle Bergquist
CEO & Co-Founder
Connected Women of Influence

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Aug 28 | Women Lead Webinar!

Women Lead Webinar Series
Mon Aug 28
12pm to 1pm

Join us for our next LIVE knowledge session online!

How to Share Like a Lady and Sell Like a Man!

Your Webinar Leader:
Dawn Sneed - CEO/Creative Marketing Officer, The Olive Brand

There is no secret that men and women are made up differently.  This webinar shows you how to use the womanly traits to sell as well, if not better, than men.

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Sept 14 | Happier Hour

Happier Hour
Thu Sept 14
430pm to 7pm

***New Location!***
Hilton Hotel Costa Mesa

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Sept 20 | Leadership Luncheon

Leadership Luncheon
Wed Sep 20
1130am to 1pm

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Oct 26 | S. CA Women Lead Conference!

S. CA Women Lead Conference
Thu Oct 26
11am to 430pm

Join today’s business leaders and thought-leaders in Southern California for one phenomenal day of shared business experiences, discussions, interviews, conversations and roundtable discussions!

One incredible day to advance women in business
BY Female Leaders and FOR Female Leaders!

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Something NEW is Coming to the CWI Members Only Section!
We've got something fun and exciting coming to Members Only Section of the CWI web site! 

Stay tuned! 

The "big reveal" will be announced next week!

Have we "peeked" your interest?!
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