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I hope you're planning to celebrate the birthday of our amazing country next week!  Even with all the political viewpoints and debate of late, I am still so proud to be an American.  I'm so thankful to have so many choices and the opportunity to do good and be an entrepreneur and business leader, all while building an incredible community of women in business! So thankful!

I hope you have plans to celebrate on the 4th of July and spend time with family, friends or time where you give yourself the opportunity to rest, relax and renew!

We have our annual Women Owners Summit coming up next month on July 27th, so please make arrangements to join us for one incredible day of conversation and discussions and interviews to build a more successful business enterprise!

See below for our latest news and information on all things CWI, including a few of our Women Lead Radio Show interviews and articles by our Women Lead Magazine contributors!  Enjoy!

Have a fabulous rest of the week and Happy 4th of July!

Michelle Bergquist
CEO & Co-Founder
Connected Women of Influence

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Jul 27 Women Owners Summit

Women Owners Summit
Th Jul 27
11am to 430pm

Flag the date for our annual event that brings Orange County and San Diego together for a one-day spectacular event designed for female founders, principals, partners and CEOs to share business experiences and advice on building a business enterprise!

There will be amazing CEO interviews!  We'll have table discussions on building a successful business!  You'll be sharing ideas with other female founders and owners on business topics with YOUR viewpoints, ideas and opinions to lead, achieve and succeed in building a business enterprise to the next level of success!

Make Your Member Reservation Here

Click Here for Details in Time & Location
It's Women Lead Magazine Time!
We are publishing our next issue of Women Lead Magazine and I'm looking for articles from YOU, our amazing CWI members and supporters in showcasing your expertise with tips or knowledge in an article format.

If you're interested in submitting an article for consideration in our next Women Lead Magazine, here are the details:

Articles are due by September 1, 2017

Articles must be:
- under 600 words max.
- contain a catchy title and article should be applicable for women in business to advance or learn, based on your area of expertise. 
- submitted via Word document.

Our main categories are how women lead through projects, people, teams and companies.....or any articles on how women can become better leaders in business.  

Or, you can submit an article that educates and showcases your knowledge and how the information is important for women in business.

We're looking to showcase your knowledge and expertise!

Please send all articles to:  Eve Gumpel - Managing Editor
Save the Date! The CEO/Executive Panel Forum is BACK!

CEO/Executive Panel Forum
Tue Aug 22
730am to 930am

Topic:  Critical Conversations:  When the Stakes are High!

You asked for it and we're bringing back our popular CEO/Executive Panel Forums as an annual, spectacular event!

Flag the date in your calendar as we're putting together our panelists NOW so stay tuned for more information!

AND - this event is BREAKFAST!  Rise and shine!

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Master the Intangibles to Ignite Your Powerful Presence!
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The Art of REAL Life!

Listen to our Women Lead Radio show as Joanie Connell, your host of REAL Life Lessons, interviews Rose Hagan, Owner & Artist at Serendipity Gallery, LLC.

Have you ever thought about scrapping your traditional career and following your passion in. . . .
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Do You Have an A/B/C Trust?
So what do you need to know about the A/B/C of trusts?

The letters don't mean as much as the function of the trusts.....
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The REAL Life of an Author, Speaker, and Executive Coach!
Listen to our Women Lead Radio show as Joanie Connell, your host of REAL Life Lessons, interviews Sharon Jordan-Evans, Author, Keynote Speaker and Executive Coach at Jordan Evans Group.

 REAL: (resilient, empowered, authentic, limber) women speak about what it takes to be successful in. . .
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