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Hi Michelle!  Can you feel it?!  Summer is HERE! 

I hope you'll read below, as we have our annual Women Owners Summit coming up in flag the date to attend!  We have our Leadership Luncheon coming up next week, so if you haven't made your member reservation or invited a guest, I hope you're planning to join us!

AND......we hosted our first Women Lead Webinar series last week and I'm looking for more thought-leaders to showcase your expertise and knowledge to our members!  Do YOU have it in you to lead a webinar?  Contact me!

See below for our latest news and information on all things CWI, including a few Women Lead Radio Shows and articles by our Women Lead Magazine contributors!  Enjoy!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Michelle Bergquist
CEO & Co-Founder
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June 22 Leadership Luncheon

Leadership Luncheon
Th Jun 22


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June 27 Happier Hour!
Save the Date!  |  Annual Women Owners Summit!
Women Owners Summit
Th Jul 27
11am to 430pm

Flag the date for our annual event that brings Orange County and San Diego together for a one-day spectacular event designed for female founders, principals, partners and CEOs to share business experiences and advice on building a business enterprise!

There will be amazing CEO interviews!  We'll have table discussions on building a successful business!  You'll be sharing ideas with other female founders and owners on business topics with YOUR viewpoints, ideas and opinions to lead, achieve and succeed in building a business enterprise to the next level of success!

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Did You Listen in for Our FIRST Women Lead Webinar?!
Did you listen in for our FIRST Women Lead Webinar Series?!

I am looking for YOU!  I am setting up our CWI thought-leaders to lead a webinar in the future weeks and months!

What information or expertise do you possess that you could educate and provide knowledge on to our members?!

Email Michelle NOW to discuss YOUR webinar to our members and connections!
Listen to Our Popular Women Lead Radio Shows
& Read Our Popular Women Lead Blog Articles!
Bust Out of That "Same Ol' Vanilla Box . . . Be Your Own Trailblazer!

Listen to our Women Lead Radio show as Michelle Bergquist, your host of Women Who Lead, interviews Marsha Friend-Berkson, Founder at Marsha Friend-Berkson Consulting.

Don't be afraid to make changes in your life. Edit yourself and evolve. Be unconventional in the context of. . . .Listen here.

Turn Your Book Idea Into a Major Bestseller with This Formula!
How do people end up getting major book deals that become big sellers?

Publishers look for books from people who are  . . . Read more.
Don't Let Roadblocks Become Stop Signs....Persevere!
Listen to our Women Lead Radio show as Michelle Bergquist, your host of Women Who Lead, interviews Denise Bevers, Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer at Kindred Bio.

We will talk with Denise about building her business and the challenges she faced on . . .  Listen here.

Leverage Your Images Beyond LinkedIn!
Here are five ways to use your images beyond your LinkedIn profile picture:. . . Read more.
The Power of Passion, Purpose & Perspective!
Listen to our Women Lead Radio show as we interview Georgia Zachary, President of Women at AT&T for Southern California.

We asked Georgia how she encouraged the women of AT&T to join and . . . Listen here.

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